Wednesday, 25 January 2012

True Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids always obey your parents. Otherwise this type of situation can arise as in this true story.                                                 
                                            Result Of Disobedience

“Mom! If you are going outside , bring me something to eat ”
Jack told to his mother while he was constantly watching computer screen and playing a computer game.
“ Ok son I’ll bring but stand up and lock the door after I am out and be careful ”
 “ Ok I’ll do it ”
Jack said and again completely involved himself in the game.
            Jack was in 9th grade and was very fond of computer games. Although he was average in his studies but his parents loved him very much. He had a bad habbit of not listening to his elders as well as not obeying them. On that day his mother told him to lock the door but he didn’t pay any attention to it. After half an hour a beggar came at his door and when he saw that the door is open he came inside. When the beggar saw Jack in the house he said
“ Dear son! I am hungary for days please give me something to eat “
Jack had a look of the beggar and went towards kitchen to bring something to eat. Meanwhile the beggar had a complete glimpse of the house and confirmed that there was no one in the house. When the Jack came back with the loaf of bread, he saw a strange scene. The beggar was talking with someone on the phone and within seconds five men with pistols in their hands entered the house. Jack rushed towards the phone to inform the police but a bullet came from the pistol and hit him on the thigh. He was senseless and didn’t  know what happened thereafter.
                  When he came into senses he heard a doctor who was speaking to his parents.
“ we have to cut the leg completely in an operation because there is no way out to save the leg “
After hearing this Jack again became senseless and when he came into senses after two days and found that he had only one leg and his second leg was no where. His mother told him that when burglars shot him, they took all the precious luggage of home and went away.
Jack was now disabled for whole life and he was thinking why he didn’t obeyed his parents. 

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