Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Interesting Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this interesting story about magic. The beauty of life is living a normal life. Read and enjoy.
Three Wishes
   Robert and his wife Kristy lived happily in a small village and when they had a son they were ecstatic. Now they began think about their future and so their joys began to turn into worries. They had not enough money and with the available resources they wished to have best clothes, best toys and the best environment for their son but were not able to do that because they were poor.
                       In the house they had small courtyard where they grew the vegetables and then sold them in the nearby market. This was the only available resource of earning for them. One day Kristy said to her husband while working
“We have less vegetable in our courtyard than the neighbors and small in size as compared with other ones. We hardly manage to meet our daily expenses.“
Robert thought for a while and said
“You are right. Now we should think about our child”
                         Now they both started their savings for future. They reduced their daily food quantities. Robert didn’t call his friends at home to save and if a guest came to their home they made many type of excuses and now they started to be the guest for others and at those place they ate heartily but even now they were not happy because they thought that others are richer than them. Now as time passed all other people came to know about their greedy nature and then all other people stopped to meet them. One day early in the morning they heard a knock at their door.
“Who is there so early?” Robert shouted and came towards his door.
A lean old man was standing at the door in a miserable condition and it was obvious from his face that he was very hungry and thirsty.
“Forgive me dear. I have travelled a long distance by foot I am very tired and cannot go further so knocked your door.” By saying this old man came into the house.
Robert was worried about having a guest in his house he was thinking about serving the guest and definitely provide food to the guest.
“Actually we are very poor” Robert told him in a reluctant tone but the old man suddenly said
“don’t worry I’ll eat anything you have in your house.“
Now Kristy had to enter in the kitchen and after some time she came back with the prepared meal in her hands. Old man ate the meal and appreciated the cooking.
“You cook well. I am very impressed with your family now tell me your three wishes so that I can make them happen” the old man said.
Both of them were very happy and their faces became bright at this.
“I wish everything is bigger and delicious when I touch it” Kristy said as she was looking towards her vegetables.
“Your wish is done” the old man said.
Kristy rushed towards the courtyard and started to touch vegetables. After her touch all the vegetables started to increase in size.
“I wish everything is gold when I touch it” Robert said as he saw her wife.
“Your wish is done” the old man said.
 Robert suddenly picked an old glass and after his touch the glass was all gold.
At that moment their son began to cry who was sleeping. Kristy went towards him but as she touched the nose of her son, the nose began to increase in size.
“No!!!!!!” Kristy shouted. Now she had realized the fault.
The old man got their son and now the nose was normal again.
“You are still left with your last wish” the old man said.
They both replied”we want that both of our wishes be taken back”
“All right” the old man said.
They were ashamed of their greed. And now they knew that greed leads towards nothing and a man should always be contented with what he has got. The old man left the place with prayers for them.   

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