Saturday, 28 January 2012

Interesting Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids in this interesting story we can realize that with unity we can have a strong and peaceful life.
                                                   Unity Is Strength

                   Eric lived in a good house near a garden. On a tree in the garden a sparrow and parrot lived in their nests. Both these birds lived together but didn’t know each other well. One day parrot saw that sparrow was weeping in her nest. For some time he saw her weeping and when it didn’t stop, he went to sparrow and said
“ Sister! what happened why are you weeping? Can I help you?”
Sparrow said, “ Brother! Some has taken my little kid out of my nest. “
“ How this can be happen. There has been many years and no one did that type of activity here “
                 After some days the sparrow saw that parrot was weeping in her nest. She went to his nest and asked
“ Brother parrot what happened? Why are you weeping? “
Parrot said “ Someone has taken my little kid “
“ Don’t worry brother. Have a hope that he will return to home safe and sound “
                 Many days spent after that and nothing happened again. Both parrot and sparrow had new young baby birds from their eggs and they both were happy again. One day when the sparrow was playing with her little baby birds, the parrot came and said
“ A boy named Eric lives nearby and I think he steals our young ones I have personally seen him coming here and I am really worried now “
They both thought to change the location of their nests but it was very difficult so they decided that when someone will go out from nest other will look after the both nests. Now Eric saw that either sparrow or Parrot is always sitting in the nests so he planned to steal the young birds at night time. At night he went towards the nests and try to steal the birds but the parrot was awake and bit on the hand of Eric. He also began to shout loudly so that sparrow should be prepared. Eric came down from tree and went towards his house.
                   Next day sparrow asked the parrot about passed night and he told the complete detail to her. Now they both became worried and at the evening they start to cry because they thought that it was impossible for them to save their children. By their crying voices a bat was disturbed who lived on that tree and asked
“ What happened? Why you guys are not sleeping? “
Now the parrot told her everything and the bat said
“ Don’t worry at night I ‘ll help you out and at day time you’ll help me. By this way we all can be safe. “
They all thanked the bat and slept.
Bat saw the Eric as he went to nest. Bat bit on his nose severely  and made a wound. Now he promised to himself that he will never go to their nests. Now they all were safe with the help of each other. 

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