Monday, 30 January 2012

True Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this is a true story. studies and knowledge is very important in our life. Be a lucky one.
                                                                   Lucky People

   It was the first day when Jimmy bunked his school. He went to a park nearby the school. He was very afraid
“ If someone  sees me in this condition what will he think about me? “
He thought in his mind and then he went under a tree try to hide himself and when the school time was over he went towards his house. At night lying on his bed he was thinking that from now on he will not go to school but the next morning he had to go towards school.
Jimmy didn’t like his studies and he didn’t like reading and writing at all. All his brothers and sisters were good in their academics. His parents wanted to be a good and educated man out of Jimmy. Jimmy had no friend to help him in his studies or to advice him that time is precious and not to lose it. Now it became his routine to bunk the school daily.
One day when he was sitting in the park, someone put a hand on his shoulder. He was afraid. He turned back and saw the person. Watchman of the park was standing behind him. He took a sigh of relief.
Watchman said
“ I see you here daily in your school uniform. Do you bunk your school daily? “
“ Yes “ He said.
“ Why “
“ I don’t want to study anymore. Actually my parents forcefully send me to school and I come here instead of going towards school “. Jimmy replied.
“ you are wasting your time. You will have to regret in future “.
“ What do you mean “? Jimmy questioned.
“ Once I was a kid like you. My parents had a dream to make me a good educated man but I didn’t do my studies well. Instead of going to school I used to play in the streets. Time passed by and I was a man. Because I was not an educated man that’s why I didn’t get a good job so I got a job of watchman. When I saw you I thought that no one stopped me from wasting my time but I should stop you now. Please concentrate on your studies otherwise you will have to regret like me. Those are very lucky people who get a chance to go towards school. Go and be among those people who get a chance to get knowledge ”
After listening to watchman Jimmy said
“ Thank you very much. You told me the truth. I will try my level best to act upon your advice and get knowledge “.
Now on that day Jimmy returned to his house with a new ambition and he made a promise to himself that he will never bunk his school again and to fully concentrate on his studies to avoid the regret as the watchman had. He was now planning to be a lucky man.                

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