Friday, 27 January 2012

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids in this short story we can find that our stubbornness can tease others. Don't tease others for foolish desires.                                            
                                                              Wrong Wish

                  A powerful king had only one daughter. She was very stubborn. One day she went in the garden for a walk and saw the beautiful dew drops on the petals of flowers. Those dew drops were looking more beautiful than the petals of flowers.
                  She came back in the palace and said to her father.
“ Make for me a crown made of dew drops and untill I not get that crown I will neither eat nor drink anything “
After saying this princess came into her room, locked it and slept on her bed covered in a blanket. The king knew that it is impossible to make a crown from dew drops but to fullfil his daughter’s desire he called all the good jewelers of the country and said
“ Make a crown with dew drops in only three days otherwise you will be punished hardly “
They all did not know how to make a crown out of dew drops and thought of punishment made them sad. Out of these all jewelers an old jeweler was very wise. With deep thinking he thought of a plan. Next day he went to the palace and told the servants that he has come to make a crown for princess. Servants took him to the princess. Old jeweler bowed before the princess and said
“ I have come to make a crown for you but I have a small request “
“ Tell me that “ the princess said.
The old man said “ please come in the garden and give me some dew drops from which you want a crown. Which drops you will like I’ll make crown out of them at once “
Princess went in the garden with the jeweler. Dew drops were shining on the petals but as the princess touched those drops they melted at once on the fingers of the princess. Then the princess realised that it was impossible to make out a crown out of dew drops. She went towards her father and apologised for her wrong demand. 

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