Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids in this short story we find that if we will help others in their need, they will definitely help us in our need.
                                     The Result of Good Deed

                        Anthony and Frank were very good friends. They both took care of each other very well. Anthony had a bad habit of teasing all the animals and birds. Due to this habit his family members were not happy from him.
One day Anthony captured a sparrow, put her in the bag and came to Frank.
“Please keep it for me. If my mother sees it, she’ll be really angry”
After Anthony went out from Frank’s house, Frank released the sparrow.
At that evening playing late in the evening they came far away from their houses and they lost their way to home. It was about to dark and they were very afraid. They wandered here and there but they were completely lost. While they were wandering, they saw a sparrow came and sit on the Frank’s shoulder.
After that she flew away at very small speed in one direction. They followed the sparrow and after some time they saw that they were on their way to home and they recognized the paths. Soon after they reached their homes. Sparrow was still there till they entered their homes. They both thanked the sparrow and the sparrow flew away. It was that sparrow which was released by Frank that day. Anthony promised to himself that he will never tease the animals and birds again. 

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