Monday, 27 February 2012

Funny Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this funny story is all yours to read and enjoy.
                                         Penalty for Cheating


                  In ancient times salt trader used to load salt on his donkey and afterwards used t sell it to another city. By this he earned profit and met his life expenses. In the way there was a small water canal. One day while crossing the water the foot of the donkey slept and he fell into the water. When the donkey fell into the water, some of the salt melted in water and burden on donkey became less. He was very happy. Now he made it a routine to sit into the water while crossing it. By this routine he had to carry less weight after crossing the water.
                  After some days the salt trader got the trick of his donkey. After considering it, he thought of a plan. Next day he loaded the donkey with cotton bags. As a routine the donkey sat into the water for a while to reduce the load. But when he got up, it was a huge burden on his back. It became very difficult for him to reach the destiny. So when he reached the other city, he was badly tired.
                 Next day when the salt trader loaded the salt on the donkey, he crossed the water without sitting in it. He had got his penalty for cheating his master. 

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