Thursday, 1 March 2012

True Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids don't ever be jealous with anyone. Otherwise you will have to be ashamed like Amelia was in this true story.
                                                     Two Friends

                     Alicia and Donna were very good friends. They were both class fellows and in the school always remained together. In the school their friendship was like an example. Amelia was also their class fellow and was very jealous from their friendship. Amelia tried to be their friend but they refused to make her friend saying that we do not make strangers as a friend. She then promised to herself that he shall break their friendship.
                    Amelia was very clever. She went to Alicia and said
“Donna gave me a message for you. She has broken her friendship with you and said that you are a proud girl and you don’t value your true friend.”
Alicia became sad after hearing this. She said nothing after hearing this but her heart was broken. Then Amelia went to Donna and gave her the same message.
                  Now due to Amelia’s plan both the friends were apart and didn’t talk to each other. After some days Alicia made courage in herself and went to Donna.
“Why did you want to break friendship with me?”
“It was said by you at first.”
After their talk they realized that it was all done from Amelia. They promised that they will never talk to her again. Amelia was surprised to see them friends again. She tried to apologize but they refused to talk to her. Now both Alicia and Donna were good friends again and happily lived after. 

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