Sunday, 26 February 2012

True Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this is a true and interesting story. Read and enjoy.
                                                      A Lost Sailor

                     In ancient times there  was a very hot day. A poor lame sailor was walking on the road in countryside with his one good leg. Suddenly his crutch broke up. So he had to creep with the help of his elbows and hands. After some time he got tired badly and sat on the side of the road to wait for a public transport.
                     Firstly a post cart came on the road but the rude driver didn’t pay any attention towards him. After sometime a heavy rain started there and sailor had no spot to hide so he lay down and after some time became senseless.
                     When he came into senses, he felt a warm coat around his body and he saw that a boy was sitting near him trying to repair his broken crutch with some wooden sticks and thread. Sailor said
“O good boy! Why did you give me your coat to prevent me from being wet?”
The boy said
“I am a young man and can bear the hardness of weather. You look not strong enough. I have repaired your crutch. If you can walk with the help of this then please come to my uncle’s house, he will buy you a new and good crutch and if you are unable to walk, I can carry you on my back. So please come with me.”
Sailor had tears in his eyes after hearing this. He looked the boy with tears and said
“Ten years ago, I left my beautiful son in his early age and went on a voyage. If he is alive today, I wish he has good manners like you.”
The boy said
“Can you tell me the name of your son so that I can help you to find him?”
The sailor said
“His name is Chris and my name is Adolph Arthur.”
When the boy heard this he was overjoyed, hugged the sailor and said
“Dear daddy! I am Chris.”
The sailor was very happy to meet his son, especially in very good manners and etiquettes. Ten years ago when he was going on a voyage, he handed over his young son to his brother for good brought up. His brother also looked after his lands and harvested them well. Now he had no bad thoughts about his broken leg because he knew that anyone who has a good daughter or son is never disabled.

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