Sunday, 26 February 2012

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this short story is all about good nature and its reward. Read and enjoy.
                                    Gain from Helping Others


                    Julia was the sister of Ben. They were both good students and had very good manners. They always tried to help others and always had satisfaction in their minds after helping others.
                    One day when they were coming back from school, they saw a beautiful cat which was injured. They picked her up and brought her home. They cleared her wounds and applied medicine to them. Then they gave her milk in a bowl. After some days she recovered fully and started to live in their house.
                    After some days they saw an injured sparrow and brought her home. After some days wounds of sparrow were healed and she was able to fly. Before going from home she looked at them both as she was thanking for the help.
                  On the next day when Julia and Ben were doing their home work in their lawn, they saw a beautiful fairy standing right in front of them. They were really afraid. Fairy said
“Don’t be afraid friends. I am that sparrow whom you helped. I turned myself into a sparrow to enjoy but a bad boy hit me with the stone. Then you helped me and gave me a new life, I have come to thank you and accept from me these golden pens as a gift. I hope that you will always try to help the others.”
Julia and Ben thanked her for the gift and promised to help others always.       

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