Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids read this short story and enjoy
                                    Virtue Is Never Fruitless

                   A farmer named Eric lived in a small village. He had plenty of land of his own. Every year he got good crops from his lands so his life was going very smoothly but this year his expectations from crops were not good because different types of dangerous worms had attacked the crops.
                 One day when he was going towards his fields, he saw a fallen nest of sparrow near a tree. Small kids of sparrow were chirping in it. Sparrow was flying over the nest and was looking very upset. Eric felt pity for the sparrow. He came forward, picked up the nest and then put it on the high and safe place of the tree. Sparrow looked very happy at this.
                 After that day he applied many types of insecticides on the crops to get rid of those worms but it all went in vain. He was very worried. He knew that he can do nothing but to worry about his crops. One day while he was sitting on his fields with a very sad mood, he saw a very dark cloud coming towards him. When it reached near, Eric found that it was not a cloud but a huge group of sparrows which was coming into his fields. In no time they all attacked on the worms and ate them all one by one. Eric was astonished to see this. He then realized that he helped the sparrow and now the sparrow has come to help him. The sparrows went from there after some time. His crops started to recover and again provided a lot of grain to Eric. He was very happy and now he knew that if you help somebody in his bad times, you will not remain helpless in your bad times. 

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