Sunday, 18 March 2012

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids you will find in this short story that a good behavior is always recognized.
                                              Good Behaviour

                       In ancient times a cruel king ruled a country who felt happiness by always harassing others. It was his aim to see everyone under his cruel laws and acts. He had no children so he didn’t know about love, affection and good relations. They people of his country were not pleased with him.
                      One day when he was walking in his garden, he saw two little girls there and one of them plucked a flower from his garden. The king went towards them to punish the girl for plucking flower from his garden. When he reached there he saw tears in the eyes of one of those girls. He asked the reason for those tears. The girl said
“My friend plucked a flower only for her happiness. She didn’t thought for a while that she is being cruel with the plant by plucking it. The flower dies after being separate from its plant. It looks to me that someone has separated the child from his mother. A flower makes a plant beautiful and on the other hand plant the plant provides it safety and nourishment. Both are necessary to each other.”
                      After hearing this other girl was very ashamed of her act. She promised to never pluck any flower again and to always be caring for others. After seeing this king’s heart melted. The little girl gave him the lesson with very beautiful manner. He apologized from his people and afterwards became a very good king. All his countrymen lived happily then. 

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