Monday, 5 March 2012

True Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids get a lesson from Steve in this true story and be like him.
                                                   Right Decision


                 Steve was in 5th grade. He was very intelligent and always stood at 1st position in his class. All the teachers were pleased with him. His parents also liked him a lot because he always obeyed them. Some students were jealous with him in the class because they were dull students and didn’t like their studies. Due to their bad result in studies, the teachers used to punish them and they used to tease Steve after that because it provided them relaxation after the punishment of teachers. Sometimes they used to steal the books or notebooks of Steve, sometimes they used to hide the pencil box of Steve and when Steve was worried about his goods, it made them feel happy. Steve didn’t know why they did this to him. At last one day when his patience was over he came to them and asked
“I never teased you or created trouble for you. Why are you always against me and tease me with different ways.”
Finn was in the group. He came forward and said.
“You always come first in the class. All the teachers appreciate you but all the teachers always punish us and remember us as bad boys.”
“Ohm!  This is the matter. But if you wish this appreciation can be yours.” Steve said to them.
“How.” They all said.
“If you become serious in your studies and do your work on time. You can always come at first position.” Steve said with a smile.
“We know well what we have to do. Don’t advice us.”
Steve was sad after hearing this. Once again he tried to clear his point to them but they went from there having the same tone of their voice.
                      After some days Finn’s dad fell ill. No one except Finn was in the house so his dad sent him to medical store to purchase a doctor’s prescribed medicine. Finn went to store, purchased the medicine and them came to home. He gave the medicine to his dad. His dad was ill and not feeling good but after taking medicine his health situation became very serious. They at once called the ambulance. He was admitted into hospital for many days and at last his health came towards recovery. The doctors found after detailed inspection that wrong medicine was taken by the patient. Finn was very ashamed at this. He knew that if he would have read the name on the medicine, this could never have happened. Next day at school he was very sad. His group members asked him about his sadness. He told them the whole incident and said
“Now I strongly feel that how I teased my parents and teachers and this is not all. I always teased a very good student in our class. I badly spoiled all my time.”
After listening to him, all the heads of his group members were down with guilt. Finn further said
“”From now on I’ll work really very hard and first of all I’ll apologize from Steve because his words have got a change in me.”
“We all are with you.” All the group members replied to him and after that they all looked to each other and smiled on their right decision.

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