Thursday, 31 May 2012

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids Don't be jealous and greedy like Amelia was in this short story. Read and enjoy.
                                                   Greed Is a Curse


                         Once a lady Gloria lived in a small village. She had two little kids. Her husband died in an accident. She worked hard in the other people’s houses to feed her children. She had a wish to provide a quality education to her children from her limited resources. Amelia lived in the next house of Gloria. She was very jealous with Gloria and always used to tease her by saying that
You are very poor
You don’t have good things
Your children are not good in health
But Gloria never took those comments seriously. This behavior made Amelia more jealous to her.
One day when Gloria was in the courtyard of her house, an injured sparrow fell near her. Gloria healed her wounds and next day made her free when she was able to fly. After some time the sparrow came back and put a seed on the palm of Gloria. Gloria planted that seed and within months the seed grown into a grown tree. Instead of fruits the diamonds grew on that tree and Gloria became a very rich lady. Amelia heard about the whole story. Now Amelia waited for a sparrow but no sparrow fell in her house. Now she made a sparrow injured, healed the wounds and made her free. The sparrow put a seed on the palm of Amelia. Amelia planted that seed. When the seed turned into a tree a fruit appeared on it. Amelia impatiently took that fruit and cut it. Suddenly a poisonous worm came out of that fruit and cut Amelia on her hand. Her hand was swallowed and doctors cut her hand immediately to save her life. She was now well aware of the fact that Greed Is a Curse. 

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