Sunday, 4 March 2012

True Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids you can't hide your bad nature or good nature so try to change your nature. Read this true story and enjoy.
                                                    Unique Prize


When Andy, Mike and Stacy came from school, their mother said
  “Grandpa has arrived in our home and he is waiting for you in the room. Change your school uniform and wash your hands then go and meet them.”
“Ok mom” they all said.
After some time they were with their grandpa. Stacy said to grandpa
“What have you brought us this time?”
“This time I didn’t bring anything for you as a gift but I have a prize and this prize will go to that kid who is well mannered than others. You have to prove it in two days.” Grandpa said.
“Ok. I’ll win the prize.” Everyone replied.
From that day everyone tried to be in good manners. They talked well and behaved nice to everyone. Grandpa was watching them critically. They felt that both Andy and Mike are acting to be good one in the greed of prize but Stacy has not to act for this. She has a nature to behave well with all the persons.
After two days they all gathered in grandpa’s room and reminded about the prize. Grandpa smiled and said
“Kids I realize that you have all did it to win the prize.”
They all remained silent.
Grandpa further said
“I think that Stacy is the real deserving person for the prize.”
“How she is?”
Andy and Mike said.
“Because her attitude and behavior shows that she has not only did it for the prize but she has a very good, helping and obedient kid. She take care for everyone and helps her mom in different tasks.” Grandpa said.
“Ok” Mike and Andy said.
Stacy received the packet and when she opened it, it was a very beautiful mobile phone set. She thanked her grandpa.
“I want that you always be like this and help everyone.”
“Ok grandpa. I’ll act upon your advice always.”

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