Friday, 1 June 2012

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids read this short story and know the importance of your siblings.
                                               Younger Sister

                          Julie is a very cute girl and lives with her parents. Not only his parents love her very much but her uncle, aunty and all the grandparents also love her very much. When her younger sister was born, she was very happy. She told everyone happily about her younger sister. In a few days Julie felt that all the other people also love her and take care of her every time. She thought of herself as being ignored and this thing made her jealous with her younger sister. 
                           Now she began to tease her parents every time with fake demands. Soon her parents realized about the fact. One day her father came to her and said.
Your younger sister is very cute and small one. She even can’t eat a single thing by herself. If we don’t take much care of her, she cannot live.
Julie was listening to her dad. She went towards her sister, picked her up, kissed her on the cheek,  gave her to her dad and said
From now on I’ll never be upset from her.
Julie is now in 6th grade and loves her younger sister very much.

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