Monday, 4 June 2012

Funny Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids read this funny story and enjoy.
Tit For Tat
                            Once an innocent villager came into a city. He visited the city whole day long and on his way back to home he thought of to purchase some sweets for his family members. He went to a sweets shop and was amazed to see sweets of different kinds. He ordered 2kg of sweets. The shopkeeper thought of him as an innocent one and gave him sweets in less quantity. Villager was observing this all. He demanded the complete quantity. Shopkeeper smiled and said
 You will have to bring less weight with you. That is why I have given you less quantity.
At this the villager took his sweets and paid the amount and when the shopkeeper counted them the amount was less than price. Shopkeeper asked him for more money. At this the villager said
You will have to count the less money that is why I have given you less amount.
Shopkeeper was answerless at this and villager went towards his home.  

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