Saturday, 2 June 2012

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids always obey your parents and don't be like Brent. Read this short story and enjoy.
                                             Obey your parents


                           Brent was a very cute child. He was very intelligent and good boy but sometimes he disobeyed his parents. His teachers told him that obeying the parents is a key to success and a shield from hard times but he didn’t consider their advice.
                           He used to come from school, do his home work and then he used to play in the courtyard of his house. His Mom forbade him to go outside but sometimes he went outside from his house to play. One day when his Mom was sleeping he went outside from his house to play and there a poisonous worm from a bush bit on his hand. He felt a severe pain in his arm and his hand began to swallow. Immediately he came back to his house crying. His Mom took him towards the doctor and it took a week to heal his hand. Brent apologized from his parents of what he did. He also promised to always obey his parents so that hard times never come to him.   

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