Thursday, 7 June 2012

Interesting Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids you will find reading this interesting story that good deeds will definitely fruit you. 
Do Good have Good


In a jungle a camel used to pick a goat on his back and then used to go under the green trees where the goat ate the leaves. Other animals from the jungle asked him
Why you are like a slave to her? Why you pick her up on your back and then when she fills her belly from leaves, you gently put her down? What’s the matter? Tell us
The camel smiled and said
This goat is like my mother
At this all the animals were astonished
How is that possible? They all said to him.
At this the camel said
Long time ago when I was a baby, my mother died from a severe disease. This goat was the very close friend of my mother. She promised with my mother to take care of me as her own child. So she treated me like her own baby and fed me her milk. With those efforts, I grown up. Then after some days the goat slipped from a mountain and her legs were seriously injured. Now it was my turn. I took care of her and healed her wounds but after that day her legs were not able to walk. So to feed her with fresh leaves, I pick her up on my back and walk around in the whole jungle to realize her that she has still a complete life. She saved my life and now I want to save her complete life. 

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