Sunday, 17 June 2012

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids read this short story and be a good one. Improve your good habits and leave the bad ones.
Good and Bad Habit

                          Once a pious man was going in a dense jungle. While he was walking near the bank of a river, he saw a scorpion drowning in the river. The man stopped there. He came forward and tried to save the scorpion from the water. The man picked the scorpion from the water but before the man dropped it onto the land, the scorpion stung him on his hand. Due to the pain the man immediately dropped the scorpion again into the water. Now scorpion was again into the water and drowning. When the pious man saw that he again came forward and tried to save the scorpion. This time also the aggression was repeated from the scorpion and the scorpion again fell into the water. One man was seeing all this. He came forward and asked from the pious man
Why are you trying to keep him out from the water? He has already stung you two times. Let him drown.
At this the pious man said
To sting is his bad habit. If he is not leaving his bad habit, how can I leave my good habit of helping others?

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