Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Interesting Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids read this interesting story and don't be a miser like that merchant otherwise you will loose your own property.
Tightfisted Merchant

                                    In a small town there lived a merchant. He was very tightfisted. Once he lost his purse. There were 10000$ in it. He made his best efforts to search that purse but in vain. Then he made an announcement in the town that half of the money in that purse will be given to him who will find that purse. A sailor found that purse by luck. Sailor came with that purse to that that merchant and demanded his prize. As the merchant was a miser, he started to think about a plan by which he can save that prize money. He opened the purse and said to the sailor
If you want the prize then also give me the diamond which was in that pure.
Sailor said
There was no diamond in that purse. Only 10000$ were in it. I brought it to you as I found.
Merchant kept on insisting about the diamond. Now the matter was raised before the judge. Judge asked from the sailor
Why are you not giving him back his purse?
Sailor said
The merchant announced that he will give half of the purse money to whom who will find that purse. When I brought his purse to him, he demanded about a diamond which was not in the purse and then he denied giving me my prize. There was nothing in the purse except that 10000$.
Now the judge turned towards the merchant. The merchant said
He has already kept my diamond so I will not give him the half money of my purse as a prize.
The judge was very wise. He came to know that the merchant was liar because if the sailor was a bad man, he would also have kept all the money of the purse. So the judge announced
The merchant have lost such a purse which had 10000$ and a diamond in it. While the sailor has found such a purse which had only 10000$ in it. So this purse does not belong to the merchant. This purse belongs to the sailor.
The sailor happily went towards his home and the merchant lost his complete money due to his greed. 

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