Tuesday, 19 June 2012

True Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this true story will tell you about the great nature of Sir Philip Sydney. Read and enjoy.


                Sir Philip Sydney was a good, kind and pious personality. He was a soldier as well as a good poet and everyone loved him due to his nature.
               He had short life. He had a fight against Spain army with his small number of soldiers. He fought bravely with his companions and pushed the enemy backwards. Before the end of war a bullet badly injured the thigh of Sir Philip.
                    He was lying in the battle field with severe pain and weakness. His lips were dry and hot. He demanded for water. A soldier came to him with the water. He was about to drink the water when a soldier who was crying with pain demanded for the water. Sir Philip did not drink it, passed the glass to that soldier and said
Your need looks greater than me so take it.
After a while Sir Philip died without drinking a single drop of water. He gave the whole world a great lesson.

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