Friday, 22 June 2012

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this short story is all about value of time. Read and enjoy.
Secret of Success

                 Brent went straight towards his room as he came from school. He was looking sad. When his Mom came to call him for lunch, he was asleep. Actually he had got his result that day and he was failed. He was in 6th grade. At evening he came out from his room and showed his result card to his Dad. His Dad became sad to see that. He knew that Brent was an intelligent student but the result was all against that. Instead of being angry his Dad asked about the reason for failure. Brent said
 Instead of studying in my room, I used to play computer games and watched cartoons throughout the year. I planned to study near exam dates but I didn’t make up. Please Dad forgive me. Give me a chance. I’ll work hard throughout the year and will not play games on computer. I am ashamed from you and mom.
His Dad forgave him and said
I give you one more chance. Prove your words.
Now Brent started to work hard from the start of the year and gave more and more time to study instead of playing computer games. Exams came and Brent’s preparation was excellent. He didn’t face any difficulty during exams. After exams the day of result came. He was at 1st position in his class. His eyes were full from tears. His Dad was very happy from his success and said
Although you have lost your one year but now you know the secret of success.
At this Brent said
Yes Dad continuous work and not wasting the available time are the secrets of success. I’ll continue this throughout my life.

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