Friday, 22 June 2012

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this short story is from ancient tales. Read and enjoy.

Wise Merchant

                   In ancient times a merchant lived in a city. He was a good man. He had to travel very far for his successful trades. Once he was going on a large journey. He put his precious gold to his friend’s custody for care. Merchant said
I’ll take back my gold on return of my journey.
When he came back from journey, he demanded back his gold but his friend was thinking to keep that gold for himself. His friend said
Rats ate your gold.
Merchant was surprised by this that how can rats eat the gold. He was very sad on his loss but he kept himself silent. Now the merchant started to think that how he can get his gold back from his friend.
After some days the merchant invited his friend at home for dinner with family. During dinner he hid the small child of his friend when everyone was busy in eating. When the guests wanted to leave they found that the small child was missing. They searched hard but found nowhere. So he asked from merchant
Where is my child?
The merchant said
I have just saw that an eagle picked your child up and flew away.
The friend of merchant said
What rubbish is this? How can an eagle pick up a child?
The merchant said
In which city the rats can eat gold; an eagle can pick up a child.
Now the friend of merchant was ashamed. He apologized from the merchant and gave his gold back. The merchant gave their child back to them. 

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