Saturday, 23 June 2012

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids read this short story and increase your love towards your pets.
Andy Grocery seller


                Andy lived in a small village and used to sell groceries door to door. He had a horse driven cart. His daily routine was to purchase groceries from the market and then to sell those groceries door to door. He had spent many years doing this so his horse knew this routine very well. His buyers were also familiar from his horse. They used to pat the horse while purchasing things and also fed the horse with different things.
                One day when Andy was coming back from the market, he felt a strong headache. He tried to change the direction of the horse towards his home but the horse moved on his routine path. Andy tried his best but the horse kept on moving his routine path. At last Andy left the horse and went towards his home alone. Horse didn’t notice that and kept on moving his way. Horse went on the door of every house and kicked the door with his foot. People came out from their houses purchased their groceries and put the money in the pocket of the cart. So the horse completed the daily routine. Sold groceries and came back towards home. Andy was surprised to see that all the groceries were sold and money was in the pocket. He made the profit due to his horse otherwise all the perishable groceries would had been a loss. 

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