Saturday, 23 June 2012

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this short story is about the foolish thoughts in ourselves. Don't be like stag.

Foolish Stag

                        Once a stag was drinking water at a pool. The water of the pool was crystal clear. When he was quenching his thirst, he looked into the water. He saw his own reflection. He became very happy to see his beautiful horns. He admired them. But when he saw his thin and lean legs, he became sad. He thought how ugly my legs are. He was still contemplating over it when he saw a pack of hounds running towards him. The stag ran fast to save his life. His thin legs helped him much in saving his life. Now he passed through a thick part of a jungle overgrown with bushes. Suddenly, his horns were caught in a bush. He tried hard to free himself but in vain. Meanwhile, the hounds reached there and tore him to pieces. His beautiful horns of which he was so proud brought him to death.
All that glitter is not gold.

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