Thursday, 28 June 2012

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this short story is about magic and fantasy. Read and enjoy.

Paper Magic


                     Once there was a boy named John who did not obey his elders and it looked him hard to do school homework, eat healthy, or do any good things. His father was not happy. One day Johns' father found a shining piece of paper in his room. He decided to write on it. I wish my son would learn how important it is to be punctual, eat healthy and exercise. I wish he could also learn how to listen to his elders, parents and follow directions all of the time. The next day the entire scenario was changed dramatically.
"John! finish your veggies!!"Johns' father said with a frown.
"Yes dad!"He replied.
                    That's a miracle!! That paper must have been magical Johns’ father thought. The next day he did everything that he was supposed to do that day. He even finished his chores and brought in the trash. It went on for a week, but then the paper went away. Oh-no! Wait.....John still had the good manners that he needed. He kept doing what he was supposed to and became what his father and elders wanted from him!

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