Sunday, 8 July 2012

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this short story is about good and helping nature of a good boy. Read and enjoy.

A Good Spirit


                       Where are you going Mathew? You have just come from school.
Mathew’s Mom asked from him when she saw that Mathew was going outside.
Nothing special Mom. I am going with my friends.
Son you have just come from school and even not got your lunch. What’s the matter? Please tell me.
Mathew came near to his Mom and said.
I am going with my friends in the super market of town to collect funds from people.
Why to collect funds? His mother asked.
Mathew said to his mother
There are some poor students in our school. They are having a very difficult life and facing hardships. So we friends have decided to collect money from people to ease their lives.
But if your father comes to know that you were standing in the super market and collecting funds from people, they will be angry from you.
Mom! I am not doing a bad work. I am not alone many of my school mates are with me. We want to realize the poor students that they have right on all the good things in this universe. Our teachers will also take part in this good deed. They will join us after some hours in the super market.
Mathew’s Dad came during this conversation and came to know about the whole scenario. He came forward and embraced Mathew.
I am proud of my son who doesn’t think only for himself but for others also. I will also donate for this cause my son.
Mathew had a satisfactory smile on his face.

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