Monday, 9 July 2012

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this short story will tell you about the dangers in telling a lie. never be a liar.

Don’t Be a Liar


                    Ellen was a cute and only girl of her parents. She was a very nice girl but she had a bad habit of telling lies. She used to get every favor with the help of her lies. In her school she was renowned with the name “Liar”. Everyone in school called her Liar instead of her name. When her parents came to know about that, they were shocked. They forbade her from telling lies. Ellen agreed before them but she continued her lies.
                 One day Ellen’s Mom was going out from home. Ellen insisted to go with her but she was not allowed. Ellen thought of a plan and suddenly cried out loud that she had a severe pain in her belly. Her parents took her to the hospital at once. The doctor injected medicine into her belly but as she had got no pain and was pretending for a pain so the injection re acted against her. Her eyes began to swallow and now she got a severe pain in her whole body. All the doctors came in emergency. After some hours, she began to get better. When her parents and doctors came to know about the whole story, they got promise from her that she will never be a liar again. She promised with eyes in her tears that she’ll never ever tell a lie again.

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