Monday, 9 July 2012

True Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids this true story is about good manners. Try to be beautiful in manners.

Key to Success


                             The whole auditorium was surrounded with the sound of clapping. One face from the audience was filled with happiness and one face was filled with jealousy. Kristy slapped on chair with anger and went out from room keeping her friends with her.
“What happened Kristy? Why you brought us out” her friend asked from her.
“Julie, what does she think about herself? You saw there all the people were clapping for her even my Dad too. She said in her ear.
“OK. Alright, do what you want to do. I don’t want to see her again”
Her friend saw Julie coming towards them. She went to Julie and said, “Hi Julie! How are you?”
“I’m Ok” she said surprisingly.
“You are very nice Julie. Kristy wants to be a friend with you. You made speech very good and won first prize. So Kristy is your fan now”
“Oh, why not, I will make her friend” She said and embraced her and forgot all previous things. Next day, they gossip in break time. After break time, Kristy was saying very loud that she had lost $500 note.
She was very angry. Whole class was searched. Note was in the Julie’s bag which was put by the cleverness of Kristy’s friend. Julie was surprised.
She denied that she stole but Kristy said, “you are thief, I made you friend but you stole my money” See Teacher!”
She abused Julie. Teacher gave concentration to Julie who was still denying. Teacher understood whole matter.
“Kristy! You should not do this. Friend never steals from the friend. You should ask her first”
“You are also approving her? And even my Dad too?” who were Headmaster of the School.
“But Julie is denying?”
“No Ma’am! I saw her myself stealing my money.”
Julie was numb and she was hearing all this. She couldn’t tell anything. Teacher went from the class. Julie’s classmates cursed her and Kristy picks her bag and went from the class by giving taunting look to Julie. School was off. Julie was sitting in the school when Headmaster passed nearby her. He was surprised to see her sitting there. “What happened dear?”
Julie started crying. “I didn’t steal but Kristy said I stole” she described the whole matter. Headmaster was stunned. “You should go now dear I will ask her”
Kristy was the only daughter of headmaster. She was very stubborn. She was beautiful too so she couldn’t bear anyone praising other than her. Headmaster was very proud of his daughter but today he realized that apparent beauty is not everything but the real beauty is inner beauty.
Kristy is a ordinary sales girl but Julie is a successful Doctor because their Headmaster cursed her daughter, Kristy and prayed for Julie. As you know that Teacher prayer is the key to success.

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