Sunday, 22 July 2012

Short Story For Kids Tonight

Dear kids! read this short story and know the value of your life.

Happy New Year


                    When I entered in the room, all my nephews and niece became very happy.
I asked them, “So kids what’s up?”
Angela said,” Uncle! We are making plans for New Year night but Steve is not agreeing with us. I have suggested all to arrange a party at home but Steve wants to go outside with his friends.”
Steve said at this, “Actually uncle I don’t want to make my friends disappointed otherwise New Year will have no joys for me so I have decided to go with my friends. We will have a motorbike race at that night.”
I became sad that these kids were busy in such type of conversation. I started to tell them a story.
I started, “Few years earlier on the New Year night I also used to have a motorbike race with my friends. Then a sad event changed my life completely and gave me a very good lesson.”
They all asked, “What lesson?”
I added, “On the night of 31st December, we all friends were gathered for a motorbike race.  When I and my friend Andy came to our friends, they insisted that I and Andy should have a race alone. Let’s see who will win the race.
We were driving motorbike with full speed that suddenly, Andy’s bike got accident with the footpath and Andy fell right in the center of the road. A car came up upon him with full speed and crashed him in seconds. After a few seconds, Andy was dead.”
All the children were listening this story with deep silence. My eyes were full of tears.
I further said, “This accident gave a very deep impact on my mind and I started to change my life. From that day I dropped all the dangerous activities from my life.”
Steve stood up and said, “I will tell this story to all my friends and definitely they will decide to abstain from the race. We will start this new year with the party at home because life is very beautiful and we should not throw it away in dangerous activities.”
A satisfactory smile came on my face.

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